We are owners and competitors with Labrador Retrievers.
We also offer agility classes from April through November each year.

3 yellow Labs sitting
Laying in front is Jazz, age 11, sitting on the left is her daughter River, age 4 and sitting on the right is Summer age 7.

Our goal is to breed and train dogs who are capable of being "titled at both ends" and loving/cherished companions who are both physically and mentally sound. Since we only breed occasionally (we have a litter every 1 to 2 years) we are happy to share information about the breed without a "sales pitch" and to share photos of our beloved Labradors and Pugs. We hope you enjoy visiting our web page and meeting some of our dogs as well as our horses and mini donkeys.

We do not sell puppies over the internet but you are welcome to e-mail us with general questions about either breed or about our dogs.

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